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Core Removable Furniture Locks Explained


Eurofit stock the BMB Core Removable lock range designed by Goetz Holtz who has designed some of the most successfully used locking systems currently used Worldwide.


Core Removable locks allow the manufacturer to fit the lock housing in the furniture without having to install the core until the furniture is fitted in its final place (the furniture can be locked using a dummy core). Once the furniture is in its final location, the cores can be installed insuring that each work station has the same key number. If workplaces were then moved around, using the standard fixed core lock system the users would now have different key numbers for each different piece of furniture. The beauty with the core removable system is that the core can be installed with the same key number for a set of furniture that has been fitted with different housings, for example please see the diagram showing just some of housings available.



There are 3 Key configuration Options:


Keyed alike


All locks in a set or ‘suite’ have the same key code, ie. any key fits any lock. This is convenient where a large number of locks are to be used by the same people but can be a problem in the event of loss or theft of a key, possibly giving unauthorised access to all locks within the set. This shortcoming may be avoided by specifying reprogrammable locks that allow the combination to be changed in situ to restore maximum security within seconds.


Keyed to differ


All locks have different key combinations, ie. a key from one lock will not fit any other lock in the same group. Note: there is usually a limit to the total number of differs available for a particular lock group. Lower cost locks with fewer combinations available may be supplied with duplicated key numbers and not be truly keyed to differ.



Master Keys


Master keys are used as a management key - they can open any lock in their series, as well as being used as an emergency key should the original key be lost. You get different coloured keys for different key ranges to make it easier to identify. These types of keys are also used in hotels where one ‘master’ key can open all the locks in a suite, which are themselves made to different key combinations. In this category you can also group the Removal Key, which is used to actually remove the whole lock unit from the housing in order to replace or change the key range easily.




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