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Hinges - How To Replace an Inline Mounting Plate With A Cruciform Mounting Plate


Identify Your Mounting Plate


The mounting plate is the part of the hinge that attaches to the cupboard or carcass and then the hinge fixes on top of it to form a full hinge unit. Across various companies and manufacturers you find a variety of different styles for mounting plates - so the ones supplied with our hinges might fit differently to the ones you are replacing. This article is a guide to replacing an inline mounting plate with our standard cruciform mounting plate.


Inline Mounting Plate


An inline mounting plate is smaller than our cruciform style plate, and is used by some hinge manufacturers as their standard option as they are often cheaper. It can also be much harder to clip the hinge onto as the surface area is much smaller than a cruciform option.


Cruciform Mounting Plate


Our standard mounting plate is the cruciform mounting plate - we love it because its a good size to attach the hinge to strongly, and it offers easy screw adjustment should you need it. Its used by alot of the bigger kitchen companies because it offers the best fixing option for the majority of hinges on the market.


Instructions For Replacing An Inline Mounting Plate With A Cruciform


Mark out the measurements around the old holes like the details show in the diagram, like this:

1) - Firstly draw a horizontal line through the 2 existing inline holes.
2) - Then make a vertical link 37mm in from the edge of the cabinet.
3) - Then mark an X 16mm above and 16mm below were the two above lines meet.
4) - Pre-drill these holes for new mounting plate to attach to (for woodscrew use a 3mm drill, for the pre-mounted euro-screws that some hinges have, use a 5mm drill bit).
5) - and Finally, attach the mounting plate using the screws and the pre-drilled holes.


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