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Table Bases - How to Choose a Table Base

What is a table base?


A table base consists of a base that sits on the floor which is weighted with a finished cover, or a solid metal unit. Attached to the base is usually a column or columns that determine the height of your table top and then attached to the top is a top plate that connects the base to the table top. Top plates are either cross/cruciform shaped or square with pre drilled holes to easily attach to a table top.



How to choose a table base


First of all you need to measure your table top as I explained above in order to work out the size of the base you require. You should get a good idea through the purpose of your table base.

You then need to think about the particular finish you want your table base to be. Here at Eurofit we supply three different finishes and they are:


Stainless Steel/Brushed – Stainless Steel provides a polished finish and the brushed option simply provides exactly what it says on the tine, a brushed affect.

Chrome – The chrome finish provides a stylish polished effect suitable for any bar or restaurant.

Black – The black finish is simple and formal while providing a durable option.


Lastly, when selecting your table base finish you should bear in mind other pieces of furniture within your space, for example if you are using a particular colour chair then ensure that you select a similar base colour. There are no right or wrong answers as to which finishes you should select and it simply comes down to the buyer’s preference.



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