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Table Bases Uses Explained

Where do you find table bases?


There are wide variety of different locations that our table bases can be used in, a few of which include:


Offices – Table bases provide a range of uses within an office space. Meeting rooms are one place in which a poseur table base can be used. It provides a sturdy option for the larger table tops; though it is likely you may need more than one table base for maximum sturdiness.


Bars, Cafes and Restaurants - Table bases are used in many restaurants and cafes all over the world, they provide a stylish yet functional option. For bar’s with no room for chairs the larger table base is a perfect option, providing a table designed to be used while stood up, such as in airport waiting areas.


In The Home – Our smaller table bases can be used on coffee tables in the home. Our bases can also be used in the kitchen and dining room for dining tables and breakfast bars.



About Eurofit Directs table bases


Our range of table bases are selected for use in offices, bars, cafes, restaurants or even the home.


We have 3 particular heights available and they are as follows:


450mm coffee table base, perfect for coffee tables in the home or in casual meeting areas.


690mm desk table base, ideal for desks within office spaces and dining areas.


1100mm poseur table base, perfect for use on large table tops such an in meeting rooms.


When choosing your table base size you need to know what the maximum size of the table top is that it can be used for. The way to do this is simply by measuring the size of your table top and check within each of our table bases and you will see a ‘Maximum Table Top Size’. This will determine which base suits your needs.


It is important to mention that when choosing your table base do not select one which will be too big for your needs; the reasoning for this is simple. Selecting a base too big for your needs will mean that you may not be able to get chairs underneath.

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