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Uses for our Table Legs

Table legs are needed in a variety of different places around the world, whether you are looking to use our legs in the kitchen or at the office we have the right leg for either. Here is a detailed guide to the uses and applications which our table legs can be used for...



Kitchen Table Legs


Used in kitchens all around the World, the two most popular ways to use our table legs are displayed below:


Breakfast bars – Our 870mm height Table Legs are designed to be perfect for breakfast bars as they match the usual height of a kitchen cupboard. Often used to add simple dining space to kitchens, breakfast bars are basically an extension of a kitchen worktop without cupboards underneath. To support the weight of a kitchen worktop, which are often made from granite or solid wood, it is common practice to use 1 or 2 table legs, often with a polished chrome finish to match stainless steel kitchen sinks and ovens.


Dining Tables – Using a set of 4 table legs you can create a dining table from pretty much any kind of table top. Our table legs use heavy duty top plates to securely fasten to the bottom of the table top to create simple dining tables with ease. Using our polished chrome table legs you can create a stylish dining table to match up with designer chairs to create a centre piece for any kitchen or dining area.


Office Table Legs


Our table legs are used by some of the largest office furniture manufacturers across the UK and these are the most common uses for them:


Desks and tables – Our 690mm height table legs are designed to fit into an office environment with ease as they are the industry standard height for office furniture like table desks, drawers and cupboards. They can be used individually to add support to the end of desks using unusual shaped desk tops or they can be used as a set of 4 to create simple desks for offices.


Reception tables – Often using conical style table legs, our 450mm coffee table height legs can be used as a set of four to create long narrow reception or entrance hall tables to go alongside sofas, or as side tables.



Restaurant and Bar Table Legs


Our table legs can be used in various ways within a restaurant or bar environment, here are the main two uses:


Poseur Tables – Our 1100mm poseur height Table Legs can be used to offer a tall table to go alongside tall designer chairs often seen in modern cafes and bars. The legs are reinforced so they can hold table tops easily. The most popular choice are the polished chrome table legs that can fit nicely alongside stainless steel designer chairs.


Wall Tables – Often in clubs and bars you will see tables, or what look like shelves, along a wall that are for people to stand and lean at with drinks or with the occasional tall chair or stool placed next to them. Our poseur height table legs are perfect for adding support to these tables.

Table Leg 60 x 1100mm With 30mm Adjustment - Chrome Plated


Coffee tables and Foot Stools

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