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Different Types of Table Legs and their Uses

Here at Eurofit Direct we have a large range of table legs available for trade and public purposes, we have two different types of table legs available, round and conical to find out their differences and uses read on...




Round Table Legs

Eurofit Direct offer circular/tubular legs with either a 60mm or 80mm diameter with various height options from 375mm up to 1100mm with a 30mm Adjustment. We offer our table legs with multiple finish options.


Table Legs 60 x 375mm With 30mm Adjustment - Silver 9006Table Legs 60 x 690mm With 30mm Adjustment - BlackTable Leg 60 x 1100mm With 30mm Adjustment - Chrome Plated


Conical Table Legs


A Conical Table legs is tapered table leg that starts thicker at the top and then slims down towards the foot to give a designer conical effect. Within both of these categories we supply a wide range of sizes and finishes. We understand the need for durability and style here at Eurofit Direct and our table legs provide both of these aspirations. 

Table Leg Conical 60-32 x 690mm 10mm Adjustment Silver 9006


Table Leg heights explained:

After you have decided that you need new table legs for a specific job you are taking on you will need to know exactly the size of the table leg you will need. Here is our guide to explaining our table leg heights for you. The most common height of a table leg, known as desk height, is 690mm height and this is an industry standard for all office furniture like desks and cupboards. Most office furniture table legs are found in silver or a grey colour to match desk frames and filing cabinets. They can be used individually as support at the end of a desk, or as a set of 4 to support any size table top.



Another place you see table legs is in the kitchen, which has an industry standard height of 870mm and is otherwise known as breakfast bar height. In kitchens it is common to see a high end polished chrome leg as it generally matches kitchen sinks and ovens.

 Eurofit Table Leg - Dia 60mm x H870mm - Chrome


Conical legs are often found at coffee table height which is what we class as 450mm tall, and these are again often found in a simple silver colour. This is the option for low level tables as the legs are much shorter than usual giving them minimal use in offices and kitchens; they are designed for long narrow tables like coffee tables for entrance halls and reception areas.



An additional height of leg that we supply is called poseur height, which is a term often used when talking about tall tables you stand at or with tall designer chairs you often find in café bars and restaurants, and they are made to be 1100mm in height. Because of the height of the legs they are reinforced to stop them buckling under the weight.


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