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Top 5 countdown: office spaces so good you’ll never clock out

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Top 5 countdown: office spaces so good you’ll never clock out

Imagine a workplace so cool you don’t actually mind spending an extra few hours just to get ahead. No we’re not crazy these places actually exist! An increasing number of employers around the world are adopting trendy office spaces to encourage a relaxation and inspiring environment for their hardworking staff.


We’ve created a countdown of our top 5 fave workplaces with the ultimate spaces so good you’ll be hinting to your boss!


5- LEGO HQ, Denmark 

Lego have been leaders in delivering fun and creativity among children and families for generations. It’s safe to say there’s no expensive spared when it comes to their headquarters which is a clear resemblance of the nature of LEGO. Employees are surrounded by several floors of bright and bold open spaces with funky furniture and various seating options. LEGO have even made attending meetings fun by creating a curved stainless-steel slide as an alternative to stairs!

If slide envy was ever a thing it certainly is now.


Credit: HiConsumption


4- Instagram HQ, NYC


Upon our search It’s no surprise insta’s HQ is probably of the most creative and cool spaces. The creators at Instagram haven’t held back for colour and statement. One thing we love is their striking neon dome with movable furniture, designed for employees to make it their own perfect space (clever, we know). IG have even gone one step further by creating a mini conference room – which is for you guessed it, mini conferences!

It’s sure that Instagram have designed the ultimate hub destined to give you the most instagrammable pic ever  



Credit: Pinterest

3- Airbnb 


Located in San Francisco SoMa district, Airbnb’s HQ is home to an impressive array of unique and quirky spaces for the team. From culture themed rooms to café’s designed after Mumbai and Cairo, there’s certainly plenty to love.

Employees can relax in the many of the seating and chill out areas, our fave are the individual tents fully equipped with deck/lounge chairs- ideal for getting work done in a relaxing environment. Plus, they tie in perfectly with the ethos of Airbnb which is ‘booking unique homes and experiences’, well played Airbnb!


Credit: Officelovin

2- Google, California


Of course, you’d expect to see Google in the top 5! Google have created genius and eccentric ways that are definitely out there! Google host various offices around the world and each are unique, wacky and weird – which we love! Employees have the option to use the famous gBikes (Google’s very own bikes) to get around campus.

Meanwhile, Google HQ offer huge amounts of perks for their employees such as on-site gyms, group cooking classes, free gourmet meals, bowling and coffee tasting (and that’s not all!) If employees are running late and can’t find a space, no problem, Google has it’s very own valet service. The inventiveness doesn’t stop there, each office has its own theme with related decorations to match!   

And if you are all Google-d out, employees can relax and unwind one of the 4 figure soundproof nap pods dotted around campus!


Credit: Rainey (2017)

1- Deliveroo, London 

And here’s our number 1, Deliveroo HQ! Over 600 employees can enjoy the quiet zones and trendy hotspots around the 55,000 square ft office located in the heart of London. Deliveroo offer an on-site gym for employees and when the team are away from their desks there are pool tables and swinging chairs that wait for them.


Deliveroo have cleverly named each of their 27 meeting rooms after the company’s favourite food (our most loved is the ‘Taco’ meeting room). And if that’s not enough to scoff the company offer a shared rooftop for employees overlooking the River Thames. We particularly love the optimal space at Deliveroo’s office and the consistent sophisticated feel throughout.    


And there we have it, our top 5 office spaces! Why not share our blog, or if you think your office space is as cool as some of these share and comment your images!


Credit: Shead (2017)


Written by Chloe Burnett – Marketing Assistant @ Eurofit


















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