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Under Stairs Storage - Berrywood Pannelling

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Under Stairs Storage - Berrywood Pannelling

We have done a case study of one of our customers Berrywood Pannelling who frequently are using eurofit products on their under stairs storage projects that they specialize in building for clients. Take a look below at the storage application products that our customer can provide for a project with similar needs:


Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

Berrywood make excellent use of our TUMA slides by using them to allow the end user to easily slide out the awkward and unused space under the stairs and make the most of storage in the home, creating a popular storage location for shoes, vacuum cleaners of even provide pull out pantry space to extend the kitchen into the hallway. Stephen at Berrywood has used the space in the picture below for a shoe & boot rack:

Under Stairs Storage


Concealed Hinges

The concealed hinges Berrywood have installed on the under stairs storage allow the end user to fully utilize the space under the stairs providing the customer has enough space in the hallway for the door to swing out. You can see on the images below how Berrywood have combined our soft close concealed hinges and TUMA slides to make an ultra-efficient storage space.

Under Stairs Storage


Our customer Berrywood have used cabinet handles of which we stock a large range for most styles of project, Installing these on some of their projects has allowed quick and easy access for the end user to storage away household items.
Under Stairs Storage


Push to Open Catches

A nice feature as an alternative to handles which can stick out and cause problems in a potentially tight hallway is to add push to open catches into under stairs storage to hide the fact it is actually a storage space. This is a perfect combination with some soft closing concealed hinges. As you can see on the image below Berrywood have done an excellent job in concealing this space.


We'd like to thank Stephen Berry at Berrywood Pannelling Ltd based in Cranbrook for allowing us to showcase his fantastic projects and our products suitable for under stairs storage on our blog. 


Berrywood Panelling Ltd contact information:

Mobile: 07779315725




Tuma Telescopic Heavy Duty Drawer Slide, with a load rating of up to 250kg Tutti Soft Closing Concealed Hinges, with Full, Half or Inset Overlay options. Push to Open catches, Ideal to conceal access to the storage space under the stairs. Handles, we offer a wide range of handles in multiple styles, sizes and finishes.

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