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DIY furniture

Summer is the perfect time to get creative! You could even work on a DIY project outside in the sunshine (if the British seasonal weather permits!) The feeling of satisfaction that comes with a finished piece of work that you’ve made for your own home is always worth the effort that comes with a DIY project, however big or small! We’ve put together a few ideas for where to start…



Toy Boxes

Keep tripping over the little ones’ toys? Why not put together a toy box to keep them all safe and tidied up in? A soft-closing toy box is the best option to ensure that no fingers are trapped underneath the lid when it’s being closed! Our extensive range of toy box stays will have you covered. You’ll also be needing heavy duty castors, concealed hinges and a D Handle, all of which are available in a number of varieties, depending on the style of toy box you’re looking for. For step-by-step instructions on putting your toy box together, take a look at this online guide.



Foot Rest 

We love this ingenious DIY idea! Have an old and unused drawer from a cupboard or wardrobe? Now you can re-purpose it as a comfortable footrest for a sofa or armchair in your living room, bedroom or study. You’ll need legs to go underneath the old drawer, with a range available depending on the style you’re going for. Adding a soft-closing lid means you can also use the new foot rest for storage too, with a comfortable cushion on top of your new DIY creation completing your work. Follow this handy guide for instructions on how you can complete this conversion.



Ladder Towel Rack

Always getting fed up with towels left on the floor in the bathroom? No towel rack to keep everything tidy in the bathroom for you? Have a root around in the garage for an old ladder (or simply buy a new one), and get creative with a lick of paint to bring new life to it, and to match the design of your bathroom space. Preferably, the ladder will need to have a wide frame, to allow you to fold towels through with ease.



Suitcase Sofas

Adding a really retro-feel to any living room or bedroom, and easily usable outside, the suitcase sofa is one of the coolest pieces of DIY furniture out there. Finding an old suitcase in your attic or seeking one out from a local charity shop will provide your base, whilst you’ll need legs to support it from underneath. Our tapered / conical legs could provide a very good fit, though ultimately the option will be up to you depending on the style you’re after, as well as being dependent the suitcase itself. Take a look at this step-by-step guide on how to put together your suitcase armchair or sofa.


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