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Thinking Of Making A Toy Box?

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Thinking Of Making A Toy Box?

We know it can be a struggle for any parent at Christmas finding storage for all the gifts their children receive or when a birthday comes around and there is no where to store anything, so having a toy box is essential! A company that do this brilliantly is “Wooden U Like Ltd”, they create unique, personalized toy boxes using our Soft Close Lid Stays. In the case study, we will be showcasing their amazing work and showing you how you could recreate them for yourself.



How to Create Your Toy Box

Creating your own toy box a great activity to do this time of year, it’s about just knowing the best way to do it!

What will you need?

Building your box


Adding the Hinges

  • You will need to fit the hinges to the lid using a hinge hole cutter drill piece – by doing this it allows the top of the hinge to fit into the lid and close flush when it’s flat.
  • The hinges need to be positioned 100mm from each end to allow room for the lid stays. From here you would need to measure 21.5mm from the edge to where the hole centre will be.
  • Take the drill piece again and drill a shallow hole, to fit the circular head of the hinge into so it is flush with the lid.

Adding the Lid Stay

  • Please use the diagram to determine the mountain dimensions for your application. Temporarily position and install the body and arm fixing plate using the recommended screws on the oval holes.
  • Rotate the stay to align the hole on the arm to the arm fixing plate. Attach the arm to arm fixing plate using recommended screws.
  • Check the function and adjust the position of the body and arm fixing plate on oval holes. Tighten screws on oval holes, then fix the position of the body and arm fixing plate with screws on the round holes
  • Upon completion of the installation, ensure that that the door/lid opens and closes properly. To adjust the closing speed, turn the speed adjustment screw. Screws on both sides must be turned evenly.




Wooden U Like Ltd

“Wooden U Like” told us their story behind their business and the toy boxes they use.

“We use Eurofit’s Sugatsune Soft Close Lid Stays for our custom-made toy boxes because children’s safety is the top priority. We have used many soft closure hinges in the past and have found Eurofit’s product to be very reliable and easy to install. The website has all the information necessary to ensure you are buying the right product to suit your needs. They also provide instructions with every purchase to ensure ease of installation.

I have over twenty years of experience in the joinery trade. My partner and I decided to open our own business in October 2018 making custom personalized gifts and furniture. Our toy boxes are one of our most popular products and will be continuing to use Eurofit’s Sugatsune Soft Close Lid Stays on each and every box!

Nigel & Amy

Wooden U Like Ltd”

We would like to give a massive thank you to Nigel and Amy for working with us on this blog post, their work is amazing! To contact Wooden U Like to find out more about their business or enquire about one of their toy boxes please click HERE to go to their website.





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 Written By Emillie Ayre - Marketing Apprentice

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