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Understairs Conversion Ideas

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Understairs Conversion Ideas

UnderStairs Storage is becoming a increasingly common sight in modern households and its not hard to see why. Understairs conversions can be extremely versatile, aesthetically pleasing and offer a range of benefits to each home. We have listed some of the most interesting and unique conversions below.


The Pull-Out Shelf

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If you are seeking more home storage, then it’s worth investing in some pull out shelves. This discrete method optimizes storage space by acting as a bookshelf along with hidden compartments once pulled out. This method maximizes storage potential whilst being as subtle as possible. Once the area has been hollowed, you’ll need to create your shelving units and attach them using reliable drawer runners.


The Wine Rack

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A great alternative to a wine cellar could be to design your understairs area into a modern wine rack. There are few houses in the United Kingdom that have below ground level rooms, which makes it hard for those avid wine lovers to stock their beloved collection. Once the designated area has been hollowed out you simply need to lay out your wine racking and fix in place. You could even add a glass panel and door using our Securit Entrance Door Knob Set and Steel Butt Hinges. This method is an aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic and unorthodox adaptation of the cellar.


The Snug

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Looking for something a little different with your conversion? Why not turn your space into a snug? This area would be perfect as a chill out zone where you could relax or even use it as a place to simply sit down and put your shoes on. You could quite simply hollow out the designated area, add shelves using wooden planks and create a benched area to sit on. You could turn the bench into a shoe-box by using a stay for easy access.


The Pet Bed



Any pet lover desperately needs an under stairs bed for their furry little friend. Having a dog bed under the stairs helps to save space, optimize space, provide comfort and creates a safe space for your cats or dogs. This conversion simply requires the understairs area to be hollowed out and laid with a large cushioned material. Our drawer runners could be used to form sliding drawers underneath the bed. Adding this feature would allow treat and toy storage.


The Shoe Rack

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Understairs shoe storage can prove very beneficial for family homes. This storage method allows shoes to be stored away discretely and tidily, which can help to prevent trip hazards. This method is proving that understairs storage can be just as useful as your traditional shoe-boxes whilst taking up less space. Once the storage systems and hollow space have been created, simply attach the racks to the stairs using some reliable drawer runners. You could even use a wardrobe railing to help stack your shoes.


The Children's Play Den



Many children grow up wishing they had a den or even a tree house, which are space consuming and difficult to construct. Turning your understairs area into a child’s playhouse is an all year-round alternative to external kids houses. Once the inside has been hollowed, you’ll need to attach a small door and add a lick of paint. You could further bring this house to life by adding shelving, hooks and various other furniture fittings inside.


If you have any of your own understairs conversions or have been inspired to make any then please feel free to send any images across to:


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