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What You Need To Work From Home

In this unprecedented time, we are seeing numerous business being forced to shut down, temporarily close or lose substantial amount of money. Covid-19 is proving to be a deadly anomaly, posing a threat to people lives, business’s and global economy. The UK government has advised all businesses to allow employees who can work from to do so, as it can help prevent the spread of the virus.

Working from home is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to office work and it’s hard to see why. Setting up at home cuts out the commute to work, reduces workplace costs, is eco-friendly and allows colleagues to contribute to the company from the comfort of their own home. In this blog we are going to go over some of the essentials required for yourself or your employees to work from home.




First things first… You’ll more than likely require a laptop/desktop to be able to work from home. See if your company will let you take away your office one or allow you to purchase one with the company. It is important that you have a reliable computer, up to date drives and a strong home internet connection to increase productivity. Be sure your all your programmes and drives are installed as you may not be allowed to renter your office due to new regulations!





When working from home you’ll want to ensure that you have a comfy and supportive chair to sit and work in. Having an adjustable chair allows you to be sat at the correct height and a comfortable angle. A supportive chair should help prevent back pain and improve posture.





There is a lot of uncertainty about when employees will be allowed to resume working from the office, which is why it is important that your PC has a place to be stationed on whilst in your home. Buying a pre-built desk online can prove to be very costly, influencing people to instead make their own.  Located below are easiest to construct desks we have seen.


  • A Hair Pin Leg Desk


    • Cantilever Desk



      • Folding Tables





      This one goes with little saying, but… Every office worker requires their regular fix of tea and coffee, so make sure you have plenty in the cupboard!


      During these uncertain times it important that we all play our part in minimizing the spread of the virus. Working from home can work just as well as in the office and it is important that business keep on operating just the same as before.


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