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Cable Management


The Importance of cable management

Cable management is essential to creating an aesthetically pleasing and safe environment. Correct cable organisation helps maintain the functionality along with shielding devices from congested airflow. When done correctly connected wires become easier to access, are less likely to spark/catch fire and easier to troubleshoot or test. This article will look at 3 of the easiest DIY cable management techniques.


1. Pop-up Power Port


 (Source: Modern Power Solutions)


Pop-up power ports are a great alternative to extension leads. When not in use the Pop-ups can be pressed back down to conceal itself and maximise space. This piece of equipment is easy to install, easy to use and compact. The port would fit into almost any room or project, but we believe it would look best in a kitchen or office space.


 2. Desk cable Ports/Grommets


          (Source: Pinterest - Ping Kuek)            (Source: BPF)


Cable ports add a sleek and modern touch to desks and kitchen surfaces. Round ports have removable covers that can be re positioned at the user’s convenience. Cable ports offer an easy solution to untidy cables, ensuring cables are kept organised. Ports and Grommet could quite easily be adapted to support and conceal built in desk charging ports.


3. Cable Spines/Ribs


                  (Source: Euro-fit Direct)                          


Cable spines/ribs are a versatile approach to cable management that can hold numerous cables, keep them tucked away and looking organised. Spines are particularly beneficial for cable management on the height adjustable tables as the material allows them stretch, whilst maintaining the wires. The ribs are self-adhesive, meaning they can easily be applied to almost any surface all whilst holding the weight of the cables. The Spines can be free standing or attached to desk legs using double sided Sellotape or cable ties.





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