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DIY: 5 Simple Ways to Transform your Garden

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DIY: 5 Simple Ways to Transform your Garden

DIY: 5 Simple Ways to Transform your Garden

Fed up of seeing the same old bland garden when you look out the window? We know that a garden makeover may not be everyone’s cup of tea that’s why we’ve created 5 simple ways to upgrade your garden! What’s even better is our hacks are designed for everyone; those who are new to the gardening game and those who consider themselves to be gardening gurus!

So, sit back, relax on your lounger and read on to see how you can have a garden worth showing off this summer…


1- Dazzle with decking

Many households have decking as a feature within their garden and its not hard to see why. Decking allows the opportunity to create what was once a bland area into an optimal and multi-functional space. Particularly during the summertime, decking is ideal for having outside tables and chairs – perfect for meal times. Meanwhile, decking comes in different forms and variations so it can be suited to a smaller or larger spaces.

Raised; Useful in covering sloping or uneven areas of the garden which previously were unused
Ground-Level; on flat ground, effective for drawing attention to spaces in the garden
Attached; in which is formed from a building or a wall
Fitted with decking steps; often either timber or composite decking is most recommended option, some even add a handrail

Once you have a plan in mind and a clear vision for how you want your decking to look, the next step is to buy your materials and set about building your decking!



 2- Hanging Hammocks

At Eurofit we love cool and quirky additions, especially in the garden! What a better way to make a statement than with a hammock- both practical and inviting. Gardens can be a relaxing and tranquil space and hammocks let you do exactly that (with optional book, magazine or glass of wine of course)


Hammocks are simple to assemble and can make your garden appear more inviting and appealing. (Check out the hammock hanging guide by yellow leaf)



 3- Give your shed a makeover

Now, it may not sound like a big deal but something as simple as a new lick of paint can really do wonders for the humble garden shed. Breathe new life into the garden by adding a calming blue or let your imagination take over and go bold with stylish stripes!


No matter what’s in your shed whether it be DIY bits and bobs, tools, or a man cave in the making, we think you can’t go wrong with a coat of paint.


Also lets not forget that you want to ensure your shed is secure. We have a wide range of gate/shed hardwaresliding bolts and padlocks suitable for a range of sheds.



4- Let your furniture do the talking

Whether you’d like an outdoor sofa or you’re looking for the perfect table, nailing the choices you make when it comes to garden furniture is a great way to transform your space.


A recent trend this year are ‘outdoor living rooms’ in which include tables, chairs and sofas. This is great for creating a cosy and family outdoor space, you can even go a step further and add an outdoor rug!


Or, if you tend to be a minimalist or have a smaller garden a few simple sun loungers and planters can turn a bland space into a sun worshipers hot spot. Can’t find the right furniture? Why not MAKE it yourself! (See how here)



5- Mirror mirror on the wall (or fence in this case)

Want a clever way to make you garden seem bigger? Mirrors are a great way to create an illusion for a larger space! Meanwhile, mirrors can be placed pretty much anywhere in the garden; across your fences or tucked into planters.


However, its essential that the mirrors for your garden can withstand outdoor weather and temperature changes! Also, if your garden attracts birds and other wildlife, ensure your mirrors are placed appropriately and safely.


Written by Chloe Burnett- Marketing Assistant @Eurofit

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