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DIY Disasters!

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DIY Disasters!
The frustration of a DIY project gone bad is a feeling we all know too well.
From attempting to copy an unrealistically fantastic idea you saw online, to rushing a last minute project (while hungover); there are many different things that can go wrong.
So this week we've rounded up the most epic DIY fails, so you can take comfort in the fact that whatever happens, it's unlikely you will ever fail as hard as these people ...



1. It's The Thought That Counts


cat door diy fail


 Although, the cat could probably jump it? 9 lives, etc.



2. Essential Structural Purpose


books structural diy fail


At least its not holding up the ceiling.



3. Alternate Universe Furniture


chair bad diy fail


Not recommended for back pain.



4. Puzzling Pees


toilet lid diy fail


Strictly for No.1s only!



5. Can't Handle This


kitchen drawer fail


Well, they can just be for aesthetic purposes?



6. My Door is Always Open!


door size diy fail


One size doesn't fit all, as this Reddit user found out.



7. Romantic Lighting


clothes hanger light hanging diy fail


 Setting the mood for a crime scene.
Do you have any DIY fail stories you'd like to share? Get in touch with us at



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