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Home Upgrades & DIY Ideas for Autumn

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Home Upgrades & DIY Ideas for Autumn




Understairs storage


This idea is one of our favourites and a popular project amongst our customers. A perfect place to store away those wet wellies and coats, as well as tidying up an often cluttered doorway. There are a variety of ways you can use that empty space under the stairs for storage including a shoe and coat rack, pull out bookshelf, pets’ bed and even a wine rack!


 (Photo sourced by Todd James Handcrafted & Pinterest)


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Which leads us to our next idea…



Wine Rack


As a few annual holidays are coming up, many of us will be stocking up ready for the festive celebrations, so why not build you own wine rack! Impress your guest with a hidden wine or liquor cupboard. Not only is it a great idea but it’s perfect for extra space on your counters.


(Photo supplied by Tom Pickering & Clutterfree Kitchens


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Toy Box


Another popular project with our customers! A contemporary feature in your living room or a piece of personalised furniture for your children’s bedroom, creating this box is not only great for storing away children’s toys but a handy storage space for extra blankets and pillows or putting away those summer clothes until next year. With the Christmas season coming up, this project is also ideal for hiding secret presents from prying eyes and once the holidays are over, you have the perfect place to put them away!


 (Photos supplied by Nigel Woodward & Freddie & Pops)


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Picture Frames & Wall Art


Why not switch out some of the picture frames or art you have hanging on your walls and give your home that autumn vibe. A subtle touch to change up the aesthetic in your home and welcome in the autumn season.


 (Photos supplied by Etsy)


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Door handles


Now hear us out, this one is not very seasonal, however, it’s the small things that bring together a home and updating/revamping your door handles could be the perfect autumn project and let’s face it, it’s one of those jobs people put off doing till next year!


 (Handles displayed on a caravan designed by Willerby)


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Candle Holders


Now this is a DIY project I would personally like to try. Using a mason jar and some wiring, you can create a beautiful little candle holder to place around the house. Keep it simple or add a personal touch to the jar with paints. And completing this project also gives you an excuse to buy some more candles!


 (Photos supplied by Pinterest)


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What ideas are you planning to implement into your home? Let us know via we would love to see them!

Written by Cara Grzesiowski - Commercial Assistant @Eurofit

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