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Ideas For Sprucing Up Your Kitchen

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Ideas For Sprucing Up Your Kitchen
Open Plan – An open plan kitchen gives you the space to make what you want with it! A real bonus when the kitchen is considered to be the most creative room in the house. A luxurious open plan layout style will give you room for your inspiration to run wild and cook up some expert dishes. It’s also great for socializing when you have friends round, some popular ideas used to get that open plan living style in your kitchen is to install breakfast bars and islands giving a location for everyone to gather around.
Smart Kitchens – This one has been talked about for a while as technology advances much further into our life’s making everyday tasks quicker and more efficient. We expect 2017 to be the breakthrough year in which technology makes a real statement in our kitchen. Smart Fridges could order your supermarket shop for you and other appliances will be controlled at ease from your phone while you’re sat on the sofa.
Simple, But Bold – We expect neutral kitchens to be on the rise again with colours such as whites and natural wood complete with a grey or black countertop made from stone or concrete. But this time the twist will be within the furniture and fittings you install around your kitchen counters.
Industrial – As we successfully predicted in 2016 with industrial lighting being a popular addition to see in the kitchen giving the perfect touch with a contrast against the modern style of kitchen. We expect 2017 to see an industrial stylish trend occur in kitchens around the world, take a look at the image below where the industrial looking island makes a brilliant statement making this kitchen look classy and professional.
Raw and unrefined wood – Bring natural outdoor textures inside with this trend that is going to be kicking off in kitchens in 2017. Using natural wood and keeping it plain and simple with no fancy finishes this can make your kitchen look unique, upmarket and trendy.

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