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10 Creative Kitchen Updates

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10 Creative Kitchen Updates



Hide plug sockets inside drawers

 One of the most frustrating problems with plug sockets is the negative effect they can have on a stylish backsplash in the kitchen, not to mention the clutter that your electrical devices create on your countertops. One way to overcome this problem is to have your outlets installed inside of your kitchen drawers. Speak to an electrician and they will be able to give you a price. Your plug sockets can be placed on the back piece of your drawer leaving plenty of space for anything you want to store in this space.



Adding cabinets to ‘dead’ or ‘wasted’ space

 There are so many homeowners that do not use all of the space they have available to them in their kitchen and I cannot understand why. Take a look around and I am sure you will find blank wall spaces and wasted floor space too. One part of the kitchen that always seems to get ignored is either side of your fridge; so many fridges stand alone and leave plenty of floor and wall space to be utilised. You can easily install a cabinet on the top of your fridge or even have one stood alongside it. Another place to add more kitchen cabinet storage space is on your walls. It is inevitable that no matter how much space you have you will always want more; so take some of that unused wall space and add new kitchen cabinets with ease.


Plug sockets underneath cabinets

Another perfect place to hide your outlets is underneath your higher cabinets. They don’t take up any space for storage; they aren’t affecting your décor and are literally invisible when not in use. Take a look at this photograph for inspiration on how to do so.


Remove any fake drawers and make them functional

So many kitchens have fake drawers within them that are not used whatsoever and it frustrates me; why have a fake drawer? It is just shouting out at the homeowner to use it appropriately. You can purchase drawer boxes and then simply use the drawer front that is already there as an affordable way of adding extra storage.



Hidden kitchen drawers

One way to create some extra storage space is to remove the kitchen plinth at the bottom of your cabinets, which separates them from the floor and turn them into drawers for your kitchen utensils. By removing the kitchen plinths you will be left with a large space perfect for storage; add a couple of pieces of wood to act as your drawer sides and install some drawer runners on them and you’re nearly there. Then make your drawer fronts with your kitchen plinths and add your drawer handles towards the top of the drawer. This will mean that if they’re set back from your cabinets that the handles will not be visible. Check out the photograph for inspiration.



Slide out drawers

Slide out drawers sound like any other drawer and the function is the same; however having some installed like in the photograph above will provide the perfect solution for storing your spices and condiments. They can be installed in areas which may not have been used otherwise because they can be thin but long and are easy accessible.



Stools on hinges

This is a clever kitchen update I stumbled across a few weeks ago and I think it is ridiculously clever and creative. Instead of having large stools under your kitchen island take up space and affect the décor you can simply use the seats from stools and purchase some strong gate hinges. Attach the hinges to the side of your island and then to your stools and they will take up no floor space while also being virtually invisible when not in use; just like in the photograph. Amazing right?



Turning a kitchen drawer into a pull out chopping board

One of the most creative ways to use a kitchen drawer is to have it turned into a chopping board; contact a handyman and they will be able to do this for you. Simply purchase a chopping board thick enough to attach to a drawer front and have it installed as shown in the photograph.



Glass splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are something that have been on the rise in 2014 within the kitchen and I love them. You can go for a coloured glass or plain glass and also stained or unstained. The reason I love the idea of a glass splashback in the kitchen is that they reflect light all around the room giving a visual illusion of more space. Not to mention they look incredibly stylish as you will notice in my photograph.



In-counter storage

My final creative kitchen update is in-counter storage. This is simply how it sounds; I have seen a few kitchens recently having parts of their worktops or countertops being opened up to provide extra storage space and it works a treat. As you can see in the photograph above it offers the perfect place it store your fruit, vegetables, breads and anything else you want to hide. You can either have this in-counter storage idea made out of the same material as your countertops or have them match the décor of your drawers or accessories, whatever will suit best.


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