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The Rise of the Campervan Conversion

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The Rise of the Campervan Conversion

Over the years, the wonderful world of campervan conversions has hit full throttle. In todays campervan cluster we’re seen more and more quirky conversions, bespoke fittings and spectacular designs!  


The trend for conversions and compact campers shows no sign of slowing down…so what’s the buzz?


It seems that anything is possible when it comes to design. From retro/ vintage vans to sleek and modern upholstery- anything goes. Industry experts determine that the European market for state-of-the-art recreational vehicles is stronger than ever, and customers are keen to purchase trendy conversions at great prices.


Why do people buy camper conversions? 


A recent survey revealed that the overriding factor to purchase campers related to lifestyles choices. The idea of escapism is what encourages people to buy a campervan. ‘Get up and go’ is becoming increasingly popular as opposed to traditional family holidays pre-booked months in advance.  


Not only this, many campervans are bespoke and tailored to customer requirements. This allows freedom to plan your campers design, interior and in some cases, theme. Campers can be built around your own needs to really feel like your home away from home. The beauty of campervan conversions is the fact you don’t have to compromise – you have free reigns on what stays and what goes.


How expensive are campervan conversions?


Again, this is another factor that is up to you. Whether you have a large budget, or would rather keep things as cheap as possible, the choice is yours. Many people build furniture for their bespoke campervan conversions. New campers are can cost as much as £100k but you can buy them at a fraction of that cost.


Modifying your campervan is cost effective but requires time and dedication. However, in the long run you can be assured you campervan is built to your needs/ requirements (plus you get unlimited bragging rights when your friends and family have camper-envy!)


What can we expect for the campervan market?


The demand for campervan conversions we predict is going to be ongoing for quite some time. According to industry statistics, there an estimated 225,000 campervans on Britain’s roads. As a result, leading British and European manufacturers are responding to the demand and producing vehicles as part of their collection.




An increasing amount of our customers are using our products on campervan conversions. We love to hear and see our customers projects they’ve completed (or in the process of). Whether its for business or pleasure the demand for campervan conversions seems to be rocketing and we can’t get enough!


But don’t just take our word for it, see our Pinterest board of our favourite campervan conversions,


OR why not send us your own images/videos of your campervan conversion. Who knows we may write a blog just for you!


Written by Chloe Burnett- Marketing Assistant @Eurofit 

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