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Updating Your Kitchen On A Budget

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Updating Your Kitchen On A Budget

For a lot of us, the kitchen is the heart of our homes, and we spend a lot of time in there. Upgrading your kitchen is one of those jobs we always want to do but might not have the time nor the money. We are sharing some budget friendly ways to give your kitchen a makeover.


Recovering The Worktops and Cupboards

Your worktops and cupboards are one of the first things you notice when you walk into the kitchen, so having them to your taste is always a nice bonus. However, getting new worktops can be expensive. A pocket friendly alternative is using sticky back vinyl to cover the surfaces. Jes Rose, have a fabulous range of designs and colours that can be used to cover most surfaces.



New Handles and Hinges

When updating your kitchen, it’s the small things that can make a big difference - handles are the first of those small things. We stock a variety of handles and knobs that can be used in many different home interior styles.

Having soft close appliances adds a luxurious touch, without the big price tag. Soft close hinges can start from prices as low as £4.32 for a pair! so are a great option when you’re on a budget. As well as this, they provide a safety feature, to stop trapping little fingers.




More storage

We often find that houses these days don’t have enough storage for the whole family. You can reduce the clutter in your kitchen and add extra storage by fitting a wire basket to an already existing cupboard.


Alternately you can create new storage space, like wall cabinets and top boxes. If you have a blank wall or space in your kitchen, you may be able to add additional storage space here. This can then be customised to your design, height, and width. You can often find great second-hand cabinets on Facebook Marketplace and eBay and recover them with vinyl used for your worktops. To add a finishing touch, a soft close Lift Up Stay keeps it open when needed and softly closes it when you’re done. With the right wall cabinet, you can really make a big impact and statement!




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Soft Close Wire Storage Basket Kitchen Cupboard Stays

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