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History of Hairpin Legs

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History of Hairpin Legs

As we know the furniture industry includes trends are continuously adapting. Some trends are built to last and others are forgotten before we even know it. Some timeless trends date back to the 1940's, and you'd be surprised to know this include hairpin legs (which originated over 78 years ago!) 


As part of our collaborative range, we have recently introduced the hairpin design. In today's market, hairpin legs continue to be a popular trend for furniture makers and designers- and we can't get enough. 


Where it all began

So, let’s start from the very beginning…who invented the hairpin leg? The answer; Vienna born Henry P Glass.


Glass was a man of many talents including designer, architect, author and inventor. However, during the war Glass was sent to Buchenwald (A concentration camp) and forced to design a cemetery for Nazi officers after they discovered his remarkable talents. When the war ended Glass immigrated to America where he assisted the US military is drawing up a plan of the camp – entirely from memory!


The Hairpin Design


Once the hairpin leg was featured in the trade press, it soon became making its way into every piece of furniture. Designers within the furniture industry became fans of the versatility and aesthetically pleasing design that Glass had introduced. The first real use for the hairpin leg Glass invented was for a leg lounge chair designed as part of patio furniture.  


Hairpin Legs in Today's Industry

In today's furniture industry, hairpin legs continue to be incorporated into both mid-century furniture and contemporary pieces. Many designers from all over the globe embrace the versatility of hairpin legs, and duplicate the design into tables, sofas, dining pieces and more!

Many DIYers, designers and experts incorporate the hairpin leg in today’s market, and we think Henry Glass would be proud! You can see our range of hairpin legs here



Written by Chloe Burnett – Marketing Assistant @Eurofit Systems


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