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Push Button Catches

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Push Button Catches

This product focus looks into our best sellers of 2019 so far. Our push button catches have continued to be a popular product which had us wondering which applications and industries are using our products on. 


Product Description

A push button door catch is fitted to cabinet doors and drawers to hold them in closed position whilst also concealing them so they don't stick out like a conventional handle/knob (which can cause injury in tight spaces).


Once pushed in with slight force, it will release the catch allowing the knob to become visible thus be used in a drawer/cabinet to open. Our push catches are supplied with a strike plate included, and require a door thickness of 15mm.


The combination of a locking catch and a door knob in one product makes this a perfect addition to any application, whilst avoiding having to purchase two products individually and installing them.


Product Use

Our push button catches are mostly used for caravan/motor homes to keep doors closed when travelling. We have also found that our catches are being used in the marine industry inside boats/yachts and other transportation vehicles. 


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