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Campervan Conversions, Customer Feedback, Ideas and Inspiration.

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Campervan Conversions, Customer Feedback, Ideas and Inspiration.

Many of our customers use our products for the renovation process of a campervan. We get so much good feedback from our customers regarding how they’ve used our products for their campervan projects and the many ways they have used our products. Here’s some inspiration of different ways you could change up your van!



At Eurofit, we love to discover how our customers are using our products for their very own projects! More and more of our customers are converting their campervans and have installed our products to help do just that. We thought we’d share some of our products showcased by our customers and give some inspiration for your own van!



1 – Floor Unit Storage

Stiches and Steel have created an amazing, well-structured storage unit the floor of the van. As you can see in the image below, they have used our Ball Bearing Drawer Slide, to create the pull-out drawer for floor of a van.  The raised floor unit is perfect for those creating extra storage and designing an organised van, whilst giving a stylish finish to the overall look of the van – great work!




2- Pull Out Bike Rack

Another happy customer used our Ball Bearing Locking Drawer Slide and Bottom Mounting Bracket Set to create a drawer system in the back of a converted campervan. In this case they have created the storage for bikes in the back of the van – clever and practical!

 However, there are many ways that you use this idea to create a sliding system for other items and equipment for your applications! Why not send us an enquiry at



William Lund



3- Pull down Bench

@rollingwiththegrain have created this quirky yet beautiful bench seat in the back of their van! They’ve used our Locking Drawer Slides to give the bench seat the ability to be stored away when not in use. This innovative and creative use of our products is perfect for vans that are going to be used for travelling! For more inspiration and ideas from their conversion check out at their Instagram where you can see the bench seat in use.







If you are still wanting more ideas for your campervan conversion you can visit The Caravan and Holiday Home Trade Show. This is held at The Lawns on the 7th and 8th of September and on the 27th- 29th of September in Beaulieu. This great show attracts more than 3000 visitors a year and has over 100 new tourer models on display. For more information regarding the show, visit



Thank you to all the customers who have sent us images of their amazing campervan conversions, we really appreciate your feedback! For more information about any of the products mentioned in the post, visit our website or call us on 01482 714488 or email us –



Products Used:

1 - Floor Unit Storage

2 - Pull Out Bike Rack
3 - Pull Down Bench



 Written by Emillie Ayre - Marketing Apprentice @ Eurofit




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