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Van security: How to keep your tools safe from thieves

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Van security: How to keep your tools safe from thieves

The 3 most common stolen vehicles across 2019/2020 were all vans according to the DVLA with a shocking recovery rate of just under 22%.


Keeping your van locked:

According to the Office for National Statistics, around 44% of the van thefts were due to the vans being unlocked and unsupervised. There are several lock options that could be used to secure your van for example a deadlock. Deadlocks are a difficult lock for thieves to pick as they don’t have a spring in the locking mechanism.

You may also find that having a separate lock for the cab and cargo areas is a great help when keeping your van safe. A slamlock would be an excellent choice as it eliminates the constant need to lock the van doors as the door will automatically lock when closed.

You could also have security cameras in use in areas that your van is frequently parked e.g., outside your home and/or your workplace.


Preventing Door Peeling:

Door peeling, often known as the peel and steal method, is where a thief tucks their fingers into the top of either the van back or side door and pushes their knees into the door in order to use their bodyweight to bend the metal door then revealing the goods that are stored inside.

Parking close to walls, preferably in a corner, meaning that both the back and side door of the van or covered would protect your van from being vulnerable from this particular method.

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