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Van Conversion Essentials and Must haves

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van conversion essentials and must haves


When converting a van into your dream campervan it can be difficult to know what products you need for the perfect van conversion, but we are here to help!

We listed a wide range of products needed for all different styles of van conversions, weather it is for travelling and exploring your favourite places or for all your biking adventures, we’ve got it covered.



Campervan Conversion


First up in your van conversion you’re going to need a bed and the ultimate space saver is a rock and roll bed - from seating area to bed they are a must have for all conversions. In order to install one of these you’re going to need some heavy-duty drawer runners. Our Heavy Duty Drawer Runners have a load rating up to 227kg so are perfect for these types of applications.


 (Source: Base Campers)


The finished product of these beds are just amazing, definitely a must have for your campervan van conversion!


 (Source: Doncaster Van Conversions - Customer of Eurofit Direct)


Under Bed/Counter Storage 

We know that storage in a van conversion campervan so making the most of the space you have is very important. We have a few storage solutions that are must haves for your campervan. The first is under counter or under-bed storage (depending on what bed design you have gone for). In the images below you can see this customer is making the most of all the space they have under their bed to store their fridge using a Heavy Duty Drawer Runners and for smaller drawers they have used Medium Duty Drawer Runners.



(Source: Brown Bird & Co - Customer of Eurofit Direct) 


To keep your units secure and closed whilst driving Push Button Catches are a great option to add to your van storage. 


(Source: Custom Camper Kitchens - Customer of Eurofit Direct)  





Alternatively if you didn't want pull-out storage, you can add some simple but extremely effective hinges. This way you can make the most of those small spaces and add a cupboard in for extra storage. 


 (Source: Doncaster Van Conversions - Customer of Eurofit Direct)  


Pull-Out Table 

Somewhere convenient but easily accessible to eat can be difficult especially if you don’t have much room to spare for a table, but we have the perfect solution.


Our Medium Duty Drawer Runners allow for your table to be pulled out when needed then put back away to create more space when you have finished. When have a large range of Medium Duty Drawer Runners that will suit all your needs, whether its soft close or just a standard runner. To add extra security, you could install a Barrel Bolt to lock the drawer in place when its closed. This table is a definite must have for your campervan conversion and an amazing space saving idea.


(Source: Doncaster Van Conversions and Brown Bird & Co - Customers of Eurofit Direct)


Pull-Out Kitchen 

To go alongside your pull-out table, a pull-out kitchen is again essential for campervans that don’t have endless space. To create these you’re going to need some Heavy Duty Locking Drawer Runners and the material you would like to build you kitchen out of. We have seen a large increase in people creating these styles of kitchens for their vans to create more living space.



(Source: Matt Funnell and Adventures Of Bob The Vdub - Customers of Eurofit Direct)


Hidden Kitchen 

Alternatively, if you do have the room in your van for these kitchen appliances but still wanted to keep your stove hidden, we have the perfect solution. Lid Stays are essential for creating this sort of application. They will hold the lid open at 90° and will close at a controlled speed to prevent the lid from slamming shut and damaging the surface. In order to open up the front of your counter you will need a couple of Butt Hinges and a Barrel Bolt to hold this in place (which can be seen in the images below).



 (Source: VW Flora - Customer of Eurofit Direct) 


Bike Storage


Keeping your bike safe and secure in your van is extremely important and is essential when travelling with your bike. Whether your van is dedicated to just your bike or you are building it in within your campervan – we have just the thing!


Let’s start with campervans with built in bike storage. The best place for this storage is under the bed at the back of the van - this is a dream for anyone who loves travelling just as much as they love their bike.

As you can see in the images Heavy Duty Locking Runners are perfect for this. They allow the bike to remain secure and in place whilst driving and for easy access when stopped. The locking function of these runners means that they will remain locked in either the closed or fully open position, without any movement. With a simple put effective locking lever you can unlock the runners from their position whenever needed. 


(Source: Galavant Campers - Customer of Eurofit Direct) 


However, if your van is dedicated to just your bikes and you need to make use of all the space you have, we have a brilliant solutions and essentials for this. Again, Heavy Duty Locking Drawer Runners and Heavy Duty Drawer Runners are just the thing you need to keep your bikes safe and secure within your van whilst travelling.



(Source: Customers of Eurofit Direct) 





Products Mentioned 


Heavy Duty Drawer Runners Medium Duty Drawer Runners Heavy Duty Locking Drawer Runners
Push Button Catches Concealed Hinges Stays
Barrel Bolt Butt Hinges 




For even more Van Conversion Essentials and Must Haves see the video below for even more great ideas! 

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