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Drawer Runners For Vehicle Conversions

Here at Eurofit Direct our heavy duty drawer runners are being used on vehicle conversions as they are a perfect solution to meet the requirements of the end user. In this article we are going to be taking a look into how our current customers use one of our bestselling range of products and possibly inspire you to take on a vehicle conversion project yourself.

Campervan Conversions


Our heavy-duty slides are purchased for a vast array of applications within the camping conversion industry. Our diverse selection of customers range from solo project takers, to industry experts in the camping conversions field.


A common application on campervans in requirement for heavy duty drawer runners is a pull out double bed. Load ratings of up to 227kg make our slides the perfect solution for this. Our slides can also been seen in campervan storage drawers. We have even seen them used for pull out lavatory! Have a look at the video below showing the motion involved in a rock'n'roll bed which uses some heavy duty ball bearing drawer slides.,,,

 (Source: Base Campers)


Additional to our heavy duty slides we supply base, bottom and side fixed mounting brackets which are a popular choice with customers allowing them to customize the positioning of the drawer slides in a van whilst at the same time being allowed to retain the load rating.




Animal Transportation Conversions

A quirky use but popular one for our heavy duty drawer slides has been found within our customers who need to transport their animals at the same time. One customer has used our drawer slides to allow a pull our tray to clean their dogs on after a long walk before putting them back into the vehicle. Another customer has used our slides to allow a pull out storage location for leads, drinking and feeding bowls. For amount information about how our slides have been used on animal transportation vehicles why not take a look at our case study from one of our loyal customers: Donderry Gundogs


(Source: Donderrygundogs Case Study )



Commercial Conversions...

Commercial Vehicles come in many shapes and sizes. We've split them up into sections and types of vehicle to make it a little easier to understand how each commercial industry uses our drawer slides in their business operations.


Trade Vehicle Conversions

A common use for our heavy duty drawer slides within the trade industry is through installing our long slides to make tool stowage. Installing these drawers allows tools to be concealed away in the van and also allows more organisation for a qualified professional to get their jobs done more efficiently. Take a look at this image below of one of customers (Mark Harris) who sent us proof that slides are fit for his job!


  (Source: Mark Harris - Customer of Eurofit Direct)


Mobile Catering Vehicle Conversions

Our heavy duty drawer slides have the ability to provide slide our condiment trays and even the strength to hold power generators which are an important tool in the mobile catering industry as in many locations traders will have to provide their own power. One customer has hooked up our slides to a generator on a pull out shelf.

Blue Fish & Chips Food Truck


Its not just our heavy duty drawer slides that are a popular choice for customers who have a vehicle conversion project. Our push button catches are a popular choice as they will hold a drawer in place whilst at the same time remained concealed until pushed in to release the catch.



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