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Space Saving Bicycle Storage

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Space Saving Bicycle Storage

The great British public is becoming increasing more health conscious and are constantly seeking ways to be more active. Cycling has become a very popular hobby, even proving to be a very economical alternate means of transportation. As the activity has numerous health and environmental benefits, it is vitally important that the bicycles are looked after and stored away safely when not in use. This blog will be looking at some great space saving bicycle storage ideas that can be very valuable for homes/businesses with little space to spare!


1. The Shed

(Source: Pintrest - Andrea Zeppilli Aponte)

A small, yet very efficient storage idea could quite simply be purchasing or constructing a small shed, secured with a discus combination padlock. The padlocked shed protects bicycles from all elements, whilst allowing quick and easy access to designated users making it perfect for houses or small businesses. The shed could be customised with shelving units or even bike racks.


2. The Clamp

(Source: Curbed)

The Bicycle clamp requires very little free space as it can be placed virtually anywhere. This method is compact enough to fit several storage clamps close together on such a small surface area. The clamps could benefit from having a combination locks designed into them as it would to help prevent bike theft. This method does not protect the bicycles from the natural elements, so would be best placed indoor. This would be perfect for apartments, small and large businesses.


3. The Locker

(Source: Pinterest - D Halstead)

The locker is without a doubt the smallest storage system on our list; however, it is more so aimed at folding bikes. The unit is tall but narrow which means it can fit in most places. You could easily fit a number of these side by side to each other in such a small area. This would be great for most businesses, houses and apartments.  A Simple combination lock could be added for security measures.


4. The Pull-Out Hut

(Source: The Owner Builder Network)

The pull-out hut is one of the larger, yet more aesthetically appealing options. The hut is a custom-made project that can be constructed by almost anyone. Having a larger unit allows for a greater storage capacity. The drawer slides are a great space saving idea that allows the bikes to be securely locked up and protected from theft. This would be ideal for most houses and small businesses. Once again, a simple combination lock would offer great protection. The hut could be customised by planting a flower bed or even a water bottle filling station on top.

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