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Drawer Runners: How To Make Use Of All Your Loft Space

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Drawer Runners: How To Make Use Of All Your Loft Space
Drawer Runners: How To Make Use Of All Your Loft Space
Johnny Egg
I’m sure we all know we live in a world that’s forever evolving and changing and this pattern is followed in our homes. Houses change constantly and we need to be able to adapt to the new styles and designs of our homes, therefore finding the perfect storage solution can be difficult. However here we have the perfect solution to all your storage disasters.


A very happy customer got in touch this week to showcase his great storage solution for an awkward loft space. In this blog post, you will learn how Johnny went from this…
To this…
And how you can do the same!



The First Steps
Johnny from the company Johnny Egg built this amazing storage space in just 2 months, and we’re very impressed with his work. As you can see, he started with a completely empty room, so this was perfect for Johnny to put his design into place. He took the measurements of the space then took to our website to order the correct drawer slides he needed for his loft conversion. He ordered the Ball Bearing 227g Drawer Slide 76 x 1118mm Ext 100% and the Bottom Mounting Bracket Set for the slides.



Using the information provided in the earlier step. Johnny was able to calculate that his project would require our heavy-duty drawer runners while, at the same time take advantage of the additional base mounting bracket sets. The methodology applied to this project was to hide the slides away and create a wonderful modern effect finish. With all the bases in place he was able to start constructing it!
(continue reading to the end of the blog to find out more information about Heavy-Duty Drawer Slides and Bottom Mounted Brackets.)


Now with all the Heavy Duty Drawer Runners in place its time to work in the inside of the wardrobe.
To add an internal drawer, Johnny used Concealed Drawer Runners for this. These have a built in soft close feature, which complements the soft close hinges and provides a luxury finish. 
Wardrobe rails were added to 3 of the sections for hanging storage. 
As you can see in the image above; from this point, all that is needed is the doors, handles and hinges. To achieve the best finish to the storage system we would recommend the Soft Close Clip On Full Overlay Hinge. The soft-close feature of the hinge gives an extra modern touch to the door as it is less of an industrialized hinge.
A round chrome finish Cabinet Knob was added to the front of the drawers. Then a chrome Pull D Handle was added to the front. And voila.. its finished!



The final result just fills the space perfectly and looks absolutely amazing! With the slides hidden away to give a modern finish the opening and closing of the of the storage unit looks effortless and the 100% extension of the slide means that the use of the space can be optimized to its full potential. This would look so good in so many homes and environments to help you make use of all your loft space. In such a busy world where you find that little bit and bobs turn into mountains of things; it’s essential that everything has its place, and Johnny has shown you just how easy it can be achieved to build such an amazing storage solution.




Products Used/Suggested



Why use our Heavy-Duty Drawer Slides?
Our drawer runners offer superior load rating as well as a wide variation of closed lengths (254mm – 1524mm) combined with a 100% extension. This range is extremely popular with our customer base on areas of the home where the ceiling is descending such as loft conversions and under stairs storage solutions. Purchasing our 1118mm length heavy duty drawer slides allowed Johnny to have a fully extended 2235mm application. Click here for more information.



Why use our Bottom Mounted Brackets?
Using this method allows the load rating on a drawer slide to be preserved and can allow the slides to be installed underneath the storage space. Johnny has custom built this system with all this in mind and our slides can be considered hidden away allowing the bespoke furniture and practicality to be the core feature of this project. Click here for more information.




About Johnny Egg
Johnny runs a business called “Johnny Egg” based in rural Essex. He designs all types of furniture including Wardrobes, Studies, TV Cabinets and many individual pieces. He would call his style “Theatrical Minimalism”, he believes in furniture being functional, well designed and practical. As you can see from all the images in this blog, his work is truly stunning and if you would like to find out more about Johnny and his amazing work you can click HERE to go to this website.



Written By Emillie Ayre - Marketing Co-Cordinator







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