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How To Fit Kitchen Cupboard Handles

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How To Fit Kitchen Cupboard Handles


When it comes to finishing touches in your kitchen, handles are an important part, we have decided to put together an article about how to fit kitchen cupboard handles. Fitting handles is a job that needs to be done properly, as they will be used every day. The final positioning of the handles or knobs can make a huge difference to the final look of the kitchen therefore this is a job that must be done well.


You should always remember that when fitting kitchen cupboard handles there aren’t actually any official guidelines or rules so it simply is about fitting them where they look right. When it comes to positioning cupboard handles or knobs we would advise that wall unit handles are fixed towards the bottom of the door and also the base unit handles towards the top of the door.  


Drawer handles generally go centrally on the drawer front. There are quite a few variants in the width of where the fitting holes are on handles, so the first job is to get the accurate measurement for the hole distances, as well as getting a central point for fitting them.


We've put together a great video on youtube to show you how to both measure and fit kitchen cupboard handles, so before you undertake the job we recommend giving it a watch first: 


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