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Amazing Loft Conversion Ideas to Inspire you

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Amazing Loft Conversion Ideas to Inspire you

Alike most homes, we understand that your loft space is most likely to be filled to the brim with old books, clothes, gym equipment and the rest! Loft spaces are often just used as a space to store items which just end up gathering dust.


On the other hand, there seems to be an increasing number of people choosing to turn their distasteful loft into a beautiful and purposeful space. There are endless amounts of inspirational and useful ways to maximise your loft space. From home offices to guest bedrooms, the loft is the perfect solution to creating additional space, and evens adds value to your property.


According to a recent survey, around 50% of homeowners would choose to not move due to extortionate moving costs. By having optimal loft space, it offers an affordable alternative to moving and adds another room into your home… 


1- Home Office

With the number of people choosing to work from home on the rise, the loft is a great way to create your own home office. Being in the loft means your more than likely be able to work in peace and quiet. Meanwhile, as most home offices nowadays are designed for the use of one person, you can create a part conversion as the whole space isn’t always needed!


 2- Children’s Playroom

We know that children love to play-especially in places such as the living room, using the sofas as an alternative to soft play. However instead of this, why not turn your unused loft space into a playroom?


Transforming your loft from a dull space into a vibrant playroom is both practical and a safer solution for children.
We love how creative you can be with designing a loft playroom. For example, the walls can be painted in blackboard paint, or even installing mats and bean bags for cosy, child friendly seating.



3- Dressing Room


We all dream of having our own dressing rooms but probably dismissed the idea of having your own one day. Well, lofts can be cleverly used to create built in storage that’s perfect for clothes and shoes. Lofts can allow you to design your own bespoke dressing room with lots of natural light!


If you can’t justify having your whole loft dedicated to one huge dressing room than maybe a small part can be converted instead. For example, an add onto a master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe fittings can help create a luxury feel without taking up masses of space.


4- Guest bedroom

Some homeowners are now converting their loft into a spacious and cosy guest bedroom. Guest bedrooms can be a warm and inviting space, ideal for when you have friends or family over. Guest bedrooms can again be used in addition to a home office/ wardrobe space.   


We love the idea of creating a relaxing and stunning extra bedroom for guests to enjoy, whilst having an additional space for storage in your home.




Things to Consider

  • Full planning permission is not usually required (unless you live in a listed building or conservation area, flats/maisonettes). However, we advise getting this checked out before hand to make sure.


  • You must comply with building regulations; you will want to get your plan in ASAP as local authorities are subject to change!


Written by Chloe Burnett- Marketing Assistant @Eurofit


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