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DIY for Renters: Easy & Risk free DIY Hacks

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DIY for Renters: Easy & Risk free DIY Hacks

Who says rented properties have to be bland and tasteless? Your landlord? Through the grapevine? Well, what if we told you it’s possible to make a house feel like a home (without fear your landlord dislikes your choice of snake print wallpaper in the hallway).

There’s numerous creative yet simple ways to personalise rented homes without breaking any rules. What’s even better is that half the time they’re that simple most can be done on the cheap and in hardly any time


Funky Lighting


Lighting is an easy way to express personality in any home. Renters can easily create a statement in any room by adding expressive lighting. Geometric shapes and metallic finishes are very much on trend in the lighting world and are a great solution to DIY!





Not a fan of your flooring? Investing in a decent rug may just give your flooring a new lease of life. Rugs are a great way to add a new focal point to a room and allows you to add a personal touch. Shaggy and plushy rugs can create a cosy feel in a bare/ minimal space, whilst large rugs can create the feel of a larger space. (Plus, you can take your rug with you when you decide to move properties!)




We know that nailing up and hammering into walls is a big no-no when it comes to rented homes. Standing your pictures, art, photos or mirrors as opposed to attaching them onto the wall is a simple way to add quirkiness & character to a room whilst keeping your landlord happy.

Statement curtains


Choosing an easily solution to boring, dull slats that often found in rented properties. Curtains can create a focal point in a room whilst adding warmth. There are inexpensive to replace and can be taken with you!




 Written by Chloe Burnett - Marketing Assistant @Eurofit



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