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Protect Your Home for Under £10

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Protect Your Home for Under £10

At Eurofit we know how important it is to protect your home. However, installing the latest CCTV and investing in a high-tech burglar alarm are expensive and may not be a realistic option for most homeowners. That’s not to say that you can’t install home security that won’t break the bank!


Read on to find out how you can keep your home safe and secure home for under £10!


1- Window Restrictor – £6.01





Window security is important too. Keep yourself, children and your home secure by investing in window restrictors. Easy to install and ideal for the summertime; by allowing windows to be open but not inviting to intruders. Our window restrictors are long-lasting, durable and reliable, buy yours here


2- Weather Resistant Padlock – From £3.92

The humble padlock finds its way into pretty much every home. Whether it’s on your garage, shed or somewhere in the house we think they’re a good investment – especially for outdoor security. Meanwhile, their tough outer coating makes them durable even in harsh weather conditions. See our wide range of padlocks here


3- Heavy Hasp and Staple – From £4.33


Used in conjunction with a padlock, hasp and staples are multipurpose for securing outdoor fences, gates, doors and other applications. The galvanised finish prevents rust and corrosion and maintains durability. Ideal for securing your home, office or industrial space. See our range of colours here 



4- Window/Door Jammer - £2.88

Another great way to maximise security is to install a window/ door jammer. These are an inexpensive way to secure UPVC windows/ door or timber applications. Simply use the rotating arm to stop or open the window/ door. We advise fitting jammers on the top and bottom of your application to maximise strength! Buy yours here


Written by Chloe Burnett- Marketing Assistant @Eurofit

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