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DIY for Landlords: what tenants want

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DIY for Landlords: what tenants want

We know that for landlords an empty property soon becomes more of a costly asset rather than a good investment. At Eurofit we want to ensure you have numerous tenants waiting to snap up your property. Sound Good? We’ve created a few renovation/ decorating pointers that will get you kick started and have your property looking its best for potential tenants!



Optimal Flooring


We start by looking at the type of flooring used within the property. Now, flooring might not seem like a make or break but you’d be surprised. Choosing the correct flooring can do wonders for a room by creating the illusion of a bigger space and adding a fresh touch to was once a dull space. While it’s important that damaged, threadbare and probably stained carpets need replacing it may be easier in the long run that flooring is affordable, requires minimal maintenance, safe and looks the part.

The goal is to find flooring that is affordable, low maintenance, durable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to install, and safe. Laminate flooring of even vinyl flooring can be a more suitable solution to carpet and can add a modern feel.

Storage Solutions


Having optimal storage space is a huge bonus for renters. As a landlord you can save money by getting creative and save money (win win!) There are so many unique and quirky ways to create storage solutions that you and tenants will love! Simple changes can be made by using alcoves as bookshelves or turning an under stairs cupboard into a mini office!


The list is endless and would most certainly gain attention and interest. For today’s renters, storage is a big deal. According to a recent survey carried out by Image Property, extra space is highly valuable. Interestingly, 39% of renters asked said they would be happy to pay more if it meant extra storage space!

Natural Light


A dark and dingy flat probably isn’t going to go down well with potential renters, even if it is within their budget and has a designated parking space. Natural light can instantly make a property look warmer and more inviting and always favours well. Everyone loves the sunshine and we reckon makes people happy. Easiest way to do this is invest in some light coloured slats, curtains or blinds and avoid placing bulky furniture that can obstruct light getting into the property.

Ready, Steady, Kitchen


It’s a given that the kitchen is probably the most used room within a property, which is why there’s no harm in mixing things up. Removing cupboard doors and having open shelving is becoming increasingly popular for rented homes. It allows a more modern look by being less bulky.


Meanwhile, we think displaying kitchen goods adds character and would be a great touch in perhaps an urban property for young professionals- maybe not as suitable for the family home with young children. But that’s not the only thing you can do! Replacing cupboard handles or even giving them a lick of paint can do wonders and create a fresh, clean looking kitchen. 


Written by Chloe Burnett - Marketing Assistant @Eurofit




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