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Our 4 go-to top tips for Spring clean

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Our 4 go-to top tips for Spring clean

So, we’re already into the third month of the year which springs one thing to our minds – cleaning. Did you know us Brits spend on average an estimated 2 years – yes 2 years cleaning our homes! Most of which is probably down to the amount of time we spend looking for the cleaning items that have just been chucked under the kitchen sink.


person mopping the floor


1- Music makes everything better

We think cleaning is x10 more effective when you have a good playlist with motivating tunes to get you in the cleaning spirit! If you don’t fancy adding your fave songs to your cleaning playlist you can simply stream or play your albums.

(Note: Whitney Houston is sure to get you twirling round with the hoover)


2- Checklists are your saviour 


Just like your DIY projects preparation is key and your spring clean is no different. Why not create a cleaning checklist the day before to ensue you’ve not forgotten any tasks? Take a walk through each room in your home and write a checklist of all the jobs, you can even go a step further and make a list of the cleaning essentials you’ll need for the job!


There are many cleaning checklists that are free to download and a great way to ensure you’re prepped and ready to go.


3- Stay focused and on time (yes this includes hiding your phone)


We know that sometimes cleaning can take time however we also know we’re all guilty when it comes to distractions. It’s very easy to lose track of time and forgot the cleaning when you come across ancient fossils in your bedroom that you’d thought you’d lost forever.


Remember the plan is to actually clean not post on social media, sadly #SpringClean doesn’t actually count as cleaning.


4- Treat Yourself when you’re done


Probably THE most satisfying part of spring cleaning is when you take a step back and look at the masterpiece you’ve done (some even take a comparison pic). So, after all your hard work we think it’s essential that you reward yourself for your efforts. Maybe a glass of wine (or two) or cooking your favourite meal in your spotless kitchen.


And there we have, our go to 4 tips on how to prepare for your day dedicated to spring cleaning your home!

 Written by Chloe Burnett - Marketing Assistant @ Eurofit


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