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First-Time Buyers: Home Improvements on a budget

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First-Time Buyers: Home Improvements on a budget

Your first home. Exciting, yet often pricey when it comes to decorating and improving your new blank canvas. However, here at Eurofit we love a bargain and have shared our top tips, crafty ideas and much more so you can decorate your new home without breaking the bank! So, sit back, relax and let us share our tips and money saving ideas.


1- Upgrade your hallway



The humble hallway is normally the first place you see when you step into the home. We’re fans of adding a big impact at a small price when it comes to the hallway. This can easily be done by adding bold coloured rugs or a stripped carpet runner to create a new feel in (what tends to be) a small space. We think adding some colour goes a long way and can be done on the cheap!

If your staircase is looking rather dull and tatty, a new carpet can certainty do the trick! There are plenty of options to choose from, our faves are polka dot, classic stripes and regal colours for that sophisticated touch.


2- Say hello to colour and experimenting 



We understand that not everyone can afford to give their home a whole new makeover – especially first-time buyers. However, something simple like adding a unique statement colour into your living room or bedroom can truly switch things up!

We find that adding a real punch of colour can create a new focal point in the living room, of course only one wall is painted in a statement colour. We think it’s sure to turn a few heads and add interest to what was once a dull, lifeless Livingroom.  

In the past we’ve seen yellow and millennial pink make its way into our homes, yet 2019 is to see warming, comforting tones intended to bring tranquil and serenity into our busy working lives. Jungle greens and spiced honey are hot colours this season in the decorating world, meanwhile burgundy seems to be an inviting palette of warming tones.


3- Get Creative



Here at Eurofit we love seeing our customers and the nation get hands on with DIY and create new, unique home furniture. Making your own furniture is a great way to showcase, practice and learn new DIY skills, and costs a fraction of the price compared to shop bought furniture.  One of our most loved ideas is creating a coffee table using wooden pallets, and it seems we aren’t the only ones! There are lots of ideas to choose from such as wine racks, candle holders and pallet wall art. Why not get inspired and save yourself some £.

Feeling inspired? Why not give it a go and read our blog dedicated to DIY ideas using wooden pallets: 


Credit: Pinterest

4- Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise



Accessories are a cost-effective way you can freshen up/create a new look in a room. However, we chose quality over quantity- too many fluffy rugs, lamps or knickknacks can soon clutter your space rather than add visual value.

Its important that you choose the correct sized accessories, scaling up your room doesn’t cost anything and sets a clear indication as to what space you’ve got to work with. Accessories are like cakes, (no not delicious, well to some extent we suppose) but they should be added in layers. Place your larger accessories first and sparingly, then work your way down to the smaller accessories – remember to leave breathing room though as smaller sized pieces can feel large when they are grouped!

And like we said earlier, a lot of accessories today do not cost ridiculous prices. We think its good to do some research as to where to shop for your home accessories- saving you both time and money. We’ve also listed below some of our home must-haves to get you started on filling your first home.

  • Candles/ Candelabra or jar candles
  • Pillows, cushions and throws
  • Photo frames and mirror (size depending on wall space)
  • Textured or patterned rug
  • Floor lamp/table lamp (size depending on room)
  • Fresh flowers display

5- Lighten up your home



Lighting can often be expensive features within the home. However, choosing the right lighting can transform the mood of the room and can be done at a small cost. Making simple changes such as buying as fresh shade for your lamp can give a new feel to both the lamp and your home.

Or, why not add a touch of cohesiveness by placing stylish table lamps either side of your bed /sofa. There are several shops now selling their own range of home décor at affordable prices.

White and marble lighting bases are an upcoming trend for 2019, as a result there are many providers of cheap lighting to choose from that are inspired by this new trend. Marble creates a chic and modern touch and is very popular amongst the home decorating first-timers!

However, another trend in the lighting world is natural materials. We’re loving wicker and woven lamps at the moment as they bring a breath of fresh air into your home. Wooden lighting creates a cosy and welcoming feel in the home without a hefty cost.


Written by Chloe Burnett – Marketing Assistant @Eurofit








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