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Why Your Home Should Have Soft Close Hinges

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Why Your Home Should Have Soft Close Hinges

Now, you’re probably wondering why we’ve dedicated a whole blog to something so small? Well, hinges may not seem as snazzy as a new array of kitchen units or fancy worktop. Instead, they are a clever accessory that adds a real touch of finesse to your home.


Sometimes, it’s the simple touches that go a long way and we think soft close hinges certainly do just that! These are changes that not only look great but have practical use too…


What’s so special about soft close hinges?


As the name suggests, soft close hinges reduce the impact of your doors by having assistance from an internal damper. As a result, the movement of the door is decreased making it shut gently and quietly. 


We know how irritating and loud door slamming can be - whether it be due to a household argument or not! Nevertheless, no one enjoys the sound of kitchen doors and drawers being yanked open and carelessly closed over and over. Soft close hinges can solve this common (yet irritating) problem within your household by reducing the noise altogether.


- Child friendly


Another benefit from using soft close hinges is great for households with small children… or for everyone really! The mechanism in soft close hinges are heavily fitted meaning doors close at a much slower rate. This allows more time to get hands out the way, which reduces the likelihood of incidents and serious injuries happening if fingers do get trapped.


- Durability and money saving!


It’s a given that over time kitchen doors and drawers are likely to require upkeep and need replacing now and then. As soft close hinges reduce the impact when the door meets the frame, this means the damage is also reduced. So, you can save yourself some money by having your fittings in good condition for longer!


Where can soft close hinges be installed?


Soft close hinges can be installed pretty much in any room. However, a good thing to remember is installing them on both top and bottom cabinets that are;


A – Heavy


B - Used regularly (prone to slamming)


We would say these areas will definitely benefit from soft close hinges.

Meanwhile, soft close hinges work great for corner cabinets whilst adding a modern feel to space-saving areas. Also, it may be worth having soft close hinges on drawers/ cabinets that obtain delicate or fragile items.


As mentioned, soft close prevents slamming which helps prevent damage to your items. Soft close can even be applied to integrated appliances such as fridges, that have a heavy door which is prone to slamming.


Interested? We have a variety of soft close hinges; see our range here


Contact our dedicated technical team who can provide further product advice and assist with any queries regarding hinges and their features. Alternatively, our hinge helpdesk can help identify which hinge you require 


 Written by Chloe Burnett - Marketing Assistant @ Eurofit 








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