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Making the most out of your Kitchen Pantry

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Making the most out of your Kitchen Pantry

Struggling to find room for your endless amount of pots and pans? Having kitchen envy of your neighbour’s swanky new storage space? Well, we think Kitchen pantries are the way forward. Having a pantry may not seem like a big deal, but here at Eurofit we’re impressed with the different ways they can be used.


We’ve conjured up some helpful tips and advice, allowing you to have the clean and organised pantry you’ve always read about, it’s time to put down the home décor magazine.

We begin by looking at the two main types of pantry;


  • The walk-in; designed as a separate room off the kitchen, most commonly used for storing dry goods, bulky appliances and other kitchen related items.
  • The built-in; designed as a floor to ceiling structure in which comprises many cupboards to store dry goods.

Whichever style of pantry you own (or are thinking of having), the idea is to create an efficient and well organised storage space. The beauty of pantries is that by applying a few simple organisation tips and choosing suitable fixtures they sure goes a long way.



One of our tips is to ensure you thoroughly plan and prepare your pantry space. There’s no right or wrong way to go around it really. If you have the option of either walk-in or built-in, the key is to ensure you are going to have enough space to create optimal storage.


You may even find that underneath the kitchen stairs is the ideal location for your pantry (read our comprehensive under-stairs storage guide)


 Every home is different, and our tips are designed to help each kitchen panty – wherever it may be.


1- Storage, Storage, Storage

We reckon you’ve got the message by now. Storage is the main ingredient to a winning kitchen pantry. There are endless ways to create storage; wire baskets, cupboard doors, containers and pull-out-drawers.


Our favourite are the pull-out drawers. Not only do they create a sleek and modern design, but different sized drawers can be chosen to hold heavy duty items. Meanwhile, you can choose the length of drawer you want to create and are the perfect solution to store cans, jars, kitchenware and appliances.


Things to consider:

  • As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to choose the correct drawer slide for your storage space and plan for which weight best suits (See our range of pull out drawer slides)
  • Wire baskets also come in different sizes (easy solution to storing cans, or kitchenware, plus we think they look quirky and retro)– see our selection to suit your pantry 
  • Plan how much room you require between each shelf- we advise leaving a minimum of 12 inches between if you plan on storing large containers



2- Consistency is key


If you’ve read our kitchen trends of 2019 blog, you’ll know that we’re fans of creating the ultimate kitchen which doesn’t have to break the bank. Designing your pantry doesn’t have to be dull, but at the same time you don’t want to create an eye sore in the kitchen. Particularly for pull-out pantries, it’s important to match your fixtures with the rest of the kitchen. You can do this by choosing handles to suit your kitchen cupboards. 


Our range of handles fit every style, whether it be modern handles such as the Arc style latch handle with Rose, or a more traditional handle with a polished finish. Our range handles are easy to fit and require minimal effort – even better our price promise ensures that we are competitive when it comes to giving you the best deal!


Know your hinges


If you are thinking of creating open storage for your pantry, our concealed hinges are the perfect solution to cover your storage area and creates ease of access- as opposed to using doors.


We suggest that using our concealed hinges that suit the modern- day kitchen pantry and compliment efficient design.


Also, our hinge help desk helps you identify the correct hinge that you require and provides diagrams and descriptions

Written by Chloe Burnett – Marketing Assistant @ Eurofit




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