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Our Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

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Our Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Kick-start your new year with a refreshing yet stunning kitchen!

2018 showed no shortage of leading trends in the kitchen design world. Concrete surfaces and flashy breakfast bar stools became a must have for the nation’s kitchen. So, what’s in store for 2019? Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and handpicked our top 5 kitchen trends.



 1- Go bold with adventurous colours

Feeling blue about your kitchen? then a new lick of paint or funky wallpaper will certainly bring colour back into your life. We are strong believers that bold is better so why not bring your kitchen atmosphere to life with vibrant shades. 2019 encourages exotic shades in the kitchen space with a favourable liking of intense colours such as deep blue and jungle-like green.

Meanwhile, two-toned kitchens are becoming an upcoming trend- why not get creative and blend your pallet to design your own contemporary feel.


2- Let your flooring do the talking

If your kitchen is in desperate need of a makeover after the chaos of the festive period than some statement flooring will do wonders. Re-vamping your kitchen floor is a simple way to elevate your most commonly used room. We find that warm tones and natural materials create a chic/retro feel which everybody loves, whilst bringing freshness into your kitchen space.


However, let’s not forget the upcoming interest in stylish tiles.
Let your imagination go wild and create a unique patterned kitchen. This can be done with one of our favourites- the bright vinyl flooring. If tradition isn’t your thing then say goodbye to wood and stone flooring and hello to bolder and affordable vinyl. Earthy tones and pastel shades are in demand and can even be done with water-resistant vinyl. What’s even better? Vinyl won’t blow a hole in your pocket and is easy to install. 




3- Storage? What? Where?

Although we love open-plan, we understand that sometimes creating room for storage is tricky- especially in the kitchen. This year sees an increase in hidden storage systems, where you can cleverly transform your kitchen from clutter to an efficient and tidy living space. Gone are the days kitchens are jammed packed with upper cabinets with frosted glass. 2019 kitchens will feature wall cabinets where storage isn’t spared.


Floor to ceiling storage is on the rise quite literally, it’s more popular and it’s not hard to guess why. The list is endless of ways to use your new storage wall – but we think creating your own pantry isn’t a bad way to start. A well-designed pantry is a modern-day necessity and an essential feature in today’s kitchen.  



 Feeling Inspired? Why not create this look at home with our  drawer slides - (available in a range of sizes) perfect for food storage in the kitchen. Why not check our wide range of handles to match your storage space.


4- All hail the Copper king

Copper, rose-gold which ever it may be, it’s taken off in 2018 and there’s no sign of it slowing down for 2019. Despite copper tones being bold and dominant, they seem to be a reoccurring trend in everyone’s kitchen. Copper fixtures such as taps, sinks and lights are a lovely accomplishment to darker toned cabinets or lighter counter-tops.


Copper creates an effortless sophistication to your kitchen, and integral copper ovens are now on the scene for 2019 kitchens. Copper is often described as the middleman between modern and traditional and is classed as ‘the metal of the moment’.



 5- Sweet Shelving

Open shelving has dominated the kitchens and has every right to do so. Open shelves allow you to show off all your kitchenware, antiques, fine china – which ever it may be. They create a statement wallpaper feel in the kitchen, plus its easy to find what you’re looking for!


Meanwhile, open shelves are versatile as they can be wood, glass or metal to create a variety of looks in the kitchen.Metal shelving is one of our favourites.
A recent trend in the kitchen world for 2019 is the replacement of wooden shelves. Bring some attitude and style into your kitchen by replacing tired wooden shelves with black metal. If you’re a fan of bold statements like we are then introduce open shelves into your kitchen space.  

Written by Chloe Burnett – Marketing Assistant @ Eurofit 

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