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DIY Projects to spoil mum this Mother's Day

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DIY Projects to spoil mum this Mother's Day

So, Mother’s Day is around the corner, what will it be this year? The usual chocolates, flowers? If you’re unsure what to give mum this year or want to give her something special, then look no further.

Why not do some DIY for mum instead? After all, DIY projects around the house last a lot longer than those last-minute flowers you bought from the overnight garage.


Give mum's kitchen a new makeover


Mum's kitchen is probably the most favourable room in the house, having received endless amounts of home cooked meals over the years. So why not return the favour and give her kitchen a new makeover that she deserves? There are many ways you can treat mum to a kitchen that feels new, but actually only takes little time to do.


A new coat of paint is sure to add a new freshness to mum's kitchen cupboards and can be inexpensive, or why not replace and upscale the old kitchen tiles to really give mum's kitchen a new lease of life!




Re-vamp mum's living room


We know mum's love nothing better than a relaxing on the sofa watching their favourite soap. So, why not makes mum's day by changing things up with perhaps a new floor? This may sound like a big job, but it can actually be done quickly and cheaply!


Vinyl flooring is becoming a major trend this year which we’re loving, and we’re confident mum will too!  Not only is vinyl flooring affordable, but its easy to clean and there are many of realistic finishes to chose from such as wood/ laminate, tile, stone or patterned.



Give mum's bathroom some TLC


We know mum's love a pamper from time to time, what better way to spoil mum then a new bathroom. We also know what you’re thinking…. new bathroom?! There are simple ways you can create a new look in the bathroom without really doing too much drastic work.


Maybe mum’s bathroom mirror is looking a tad dated, or you’re certain the shower head is older than you. Simple changes can be done within a budget and take little time. You could even go a step further and get creative with your DIY, by making final touches such as bathtub trays, towel rails, and planters are sure to complete the finished look!



Written by Chloe Burnett- Marketing Assistant @ Eurofit


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